The year I discovered Sagmeister


#Nicer Tuesdays – It’s Nice That

#Nicer Tuesdays curated, organised by It’s Nice That is something that is worth a look. Run on the last Tuesday of every month… Really ‘nice’ touch that they share the presentations online via youtube and their own website. Absolute shed loads of films to look through – fantastic speakers and great inspiration resource. Film below of Karl Toomey discussing humour and his creation of Gary Goals – a lovely idea and wonderfully realised.

No doubt seen via @itsnicethat.

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Government Service Design Manual

From what I can gather the Government Service Design Manual is the documentation, technical requirements and best practice guidance that supports the digital strategy. This area of site is so in-depth that to describe it as ‘off the hook’ would be an understatement…! Just as a for an example: here is the page on User needs…

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User Experience and Design

BBC Internet Blog has some hidden gems that ‘somehow’ through a number of clicks has landed me in the work (kind of archived?) that they did on the redevelopment of the Sports section of the BBC website back in 2012. The is a collection of those fantastic posts – with a couple of other links and references they have cited in the development process.

Live Beyond Live (by Scott Byrne-Fraser): Understanding our audience, user personae, developing a UX vision, concept exploration, IA and navigations, design language, work packages, user testing.

5f53b85631fb58115e66a41de3437e3042a78b90 37add26aa6ee7adb6f7969c95d8cf758117bcf1bStrategy, User Testing, and Implementation (by Neil Hall): Technical strategy, validating the new design.

Design Sprints (by Dan Ramsden): ‘explore a range of ideas in a relatively short space of time’. Day 1: Understand; Day 2: Diverge; Day 3: Converge; Day 4: Prototype; Day 5: Test. Initially ‘read about the approach on the Google Ventures blog – The Product Design Sprint – A five-day recipe for start-ups‘.

p022twq6 p022txc0Government Digital Services Design Principles: Reference to help in the creation and evaluation process.

(Images from the various posts.)

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Global Experience Language – BBC

GEL aka Global Experience Language is the title that the Big British Castle use to define their ‘reference point for designing BBC services across Web, Mobile, iPTV and Tablet’. What in previous years would be called ‘online branding’ with an agency knocking together some visuals… this is User Experience driven design.


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Got a Girl

Not too sure exactly Got a Girl is other than quite a cool music collaboration of Mary Winstead and Dan Nakamura in a Serge Gainsbourg style (ish!) – check the link for more details – but anyone ‘connected’ with Scott Pilgrim and Edgar Wright deserves to gets a mention – some stylish photography to boot.



Got_A_Girl_1-518x776-1Seen via @M_E_Winstead a while back…

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all in for #mygirls – adidas

adidas’ all in for campaign has been around for quite some time (2013) – spotted this on youtube a while back – and I think it absolutely nails a sense of ‘real’. I don’t want to compare this to the This Girl Can campaign (previous post) too much, yes there is similarity of subject (female + fitness), yes there is a similarity of colour grade, yes there is a similarity of filming technique, yes there is a similarity of using upbeat music, yes there is a similarity of profiling personal stories, yes there is a similarity of being positive and inspiring…you know just sayin’. I am sure Daisy Steiner would have a couple of words to say!

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This Girl Can – Sport England

This Girl Can – new campaign for Sport England – all in all a positive message – plenty written about it on their website and other (design) blogs (FastC0, IndyVoices) etc…

The creative itself looks good – although more of that on my next post-but more interesting to me is the level of production (check the behind the scene film below) and an extensive list of various agencies, directors and production teams…

Behind the scenes

Seen via the power of my television.

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The Trews – Russell Brand

Russell Brand’s YouTube channel – the Trews – is all about Revolution! Have been aware of this channel via links on twitter for a while but I have never actually checked it out…definitely worth a look. Really interesting ideas, concepts, projects, commentary on the media that are contained within the (current) 220 episodes.

Episode 214 ‘The Trews vs the Sainsbury’s xmas advert’  goes to the crux of Sagmeister’s comment in his book, now paraphrasing as I don’t have it to hand – can design really touch people? And this advert does, although as Russell Brand questions – to what end?

Ad created by AMVBBDO.

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Unité – Assassin’s Creed – Ubisoft

Quite simply looks awesome – another city recreated as the backdrop to this franchise.

Absolutely love the attention to detail and painstaking build of this game.

Other promos from Ubisoft…

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Hort @ KK Outlet

I have come across Hort’s work, specifically the Nike promotion ‘Witness’ with Lebron James. Basically an agency that really looks like that they still enjoy their work even though they are celebrating being 20 years old – reminds me of the energy of the work of Neasden Control Centre.

So it is great to see they have a free exhibition at the KK Outlet – (KesselsKramer) – found via the always on the money: It’s Nice That.

Exhibition Runs: 12 – 27 September over in Hoxton Square, N1


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