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Wil Reynolds – Seer Interactive

Really nice 5 mins video from Wil Reynolds (founder of Seer Interactive). Just articulates in a simple and engaging way what you need to focus on when approaching search optimisation and generating the right traffic.

Did traffic go up to the pages that matter? Did traffic go up to the pages that show a high indication that this person is willing to make a purchase from you some day? Which of the landing pages that I have are driving qualified traffic to pages that show high intent?

Many organisations like to see reports with total traffic (sessions, uniques etc) – mine included – but getting a little deeper will get you ‘out of being stuck in traffic’.

Also worth checking out their blog


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Google Sheets (integration with Search Console, Analytics) – Moz

In a slight change to various visuals, videos and inspiration – this post is about capturing some reference and source materials I have been using in creating (and building upon) our digital measurement framework for one of our sites.

One part of what we do is doing lots of stuff for a range of what are in effect social enterprises (5 in total) so we have within our team a never-ending list of BAU as well as new development work that covers on and offline marketing activities.

Due to this level of stuff it strikes me as important to a) see how we can implement the measurement model in a practical sense (kpis, daily, weekly) and b) for it to be done in way that can automated so it becomes a much easier proposition to keep on top of and check in how we are doing.

The site in question is a very ‘content’ focused site – is this term becoming de rigueur – (pretentious, moi?). So finding metrics and approaches that looked more to the world of content marketing and blogs was what was required.

The solution – as with practically all things online (SEO) could be found at Moz through their awesome blog content – which give either full on descriptive approaches or give you enough to steer you through various principles but leave you to do the leg work in getting customised code that are relevant for your requirements.

First up a post by Mihai Aperghis on using Search Console and Google Sheets – allows you to create monthly data capture (automated reports) for all organic search queries (unless overly personalised etc). Awesome post – read it a few times – but historical and filterable GSC data – super useful – and allows us to have 2 sources for this (Keyword Explorer being the other).

The other is by Trevor Klein on his outline / approach of measuring posts with a singular content score (made up of a number of metrics). In Moz world this is the One Metric. What this post does is give you the keys to realising what you can do by integrating GA and GS. This post definitely leaves you searching specific =query or =importRange as well understanding what ‘ga:’ metrics can be used. More work for us to fully utilise this pretty awesome approach (tracking, apis etc).

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Pirate Metrics

Mentioned by Michelle You in her talk at MTPcon – Dave McClure’s Pirate Metrics – AARRR. (On an aside – slightly similar to Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday Jan 2016) – all captured here.

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