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User Experience and Design

BBC Internet Blog has some hidden gems that ‘somehow’ through a number of clicks has landed me in the work (kind of archived?) that they did on the redevelopment of the Sports section of the BBC website back in 2012. The is a collection of those fantastic posts – with a couple of other links and references they have cited in the development process.

Live Beyond Live (by Scott Byrne-Fraser): Understanding our audience, user personae, developing a UX vision, concept exploration, IA and navigations, design language, work packages, user testing.

5f53b85631fb58115e66a41de3437e3042a78b90 37add26aa6ee7adb6f7969c95d8cf758117bcf1bStrategy, User Testing, and Implementation (by Neil Hall): Technical strategy, validating the new design.

Design Sprints (by Dan Ramsden): ‘explore a range of ideas in a relatively short space of time’. Day 1: Understand; Day 2: Diverge; Day 3: Converge; Day 4: Prototype; Day 5: Test. Initially ‘read about the approach on the Google Ventures blog – The Product Design Sprint – A five-day recipe for start-ups‘.

p022twq6 p022txc0Government Digital Services Design Principles: Reference to help in the creation and evaluation process.

(Images from the various posts.)


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