The year I discovered Sagmeister



Started back in 2011 – all happened as it was the year I discovered Stefan Sagmeister.

Now we are in 2017 – much of what I do professionally has changed, developed, become far more than just out and out design. However my approach to thinking and looking widely across various disciplines, hearing what leaders in respective fields have to say, as well as just documenting any finds that are just worth remembering for inspiration, reference, ideas and approaches is still the same.

So this is an online scrapbook of reference – all about giving credit to those that earn it – for those who find this site – feel free to leave a comment or email me at


5 Responses

  1. beckythegeek says:

    Sweet idea J and awesome collection. Spesh like the NYC stuff…please keep sharing your finds!

  2. Yes I love that too…(obviously!)
    cheers for visiting – will attempt to upload once a week (minimum).

  3. anna says:

    Just wanna say, I love your site. I am procrastinating, organizing my studio/apartment today for the inclusion of my brand new proof press and I am now so inspired, I am popping off the couch so I can get the organization done and the printing underway! thanks. Just the kick in the pants I needed.


  4. Hey Anna –
    Thanks for the comment + checking out my online scrapbook…!
    (have had a quick peek at your site which looks like it has a whole load of cool stuff – will make sure I look through in more detail…)
    Thanks again,

  5. annasavoie says:

    Oh wow! Thanks for checking out my site. I’m glad you like.


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