The year I discovered Sagmeister


Laila Sakini

New sounds from Australia – Laila Sakini: ‘DJ, producer, sound designer and event organiser’. Listen, share and download tracks from Soundcloud – this track 10mins in – used by Adam Curtis in his film Bitter Lake – on the iPlayer – sounds very like Burial…hmmm!

Via @i_D

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Got a Girl

Not too sure exactly Got a Girl is other than quite a cool music collaboration of Mary Winstead and Dan Nakamura in a Serge Gainsbourg style (ish!) – check the link for more details – but anyone ‘connected’ with Scott Pilgrim and Edgar Wright deserves to gets a mention – some stylish photography to boot.



Got_A_Girl_1-518x776-1Seen via @M_E_Winstead a while back…

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