The year I discovered Sagmeister


i-D + Nike

Some images that have appeared over twitter over the last month or so.

1 – from i-D magazine, Folk Collective shoot by Jo Duck; 2 Nike, Find Your Fast; 3 – Women’s World Cup…





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i-D covers 93-94

I am spotting a theme here – i-D is 35 so every post of theirs has 35 things – best of etc..

Getting past that – here are 3 awesome front covers from 93-94. I have looked but I cannot work out who the art-director/creative director was for these covers – but they really are amazing – 20 years old but far more interesting than the 35 model concept they have chosen to run with for the current edition.

Sonic, Jan 93 – Naomi, Sept 93 – Amber, Mar 94




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i-D is 35

i-D is 35 years old! I can’t remember how long it took me to realise the connection of the front cover feature image and the masthead – too long. Here are a few of portraits from i-D’s 35 feature of profiles of actors, models before they were famous (although not really strictly true). Some of the portraits are a little meh – but these are the best. Keanu back in April 93 – photography Stephen Hamel – Orlando, Jan 02 – photography Alex Hoerner and Garrett (not too sure who he is) – pre-fall 12 – photography Matthew Brookes (Just as an aside i-D has one of the most interesting editorial twitter feeds I reckon…) Keanu-1432812957-body-image-1432813667 Orlando-1432812957-body-image-1432814256 Garrett-1432812957-body-image-1432815319

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Robert Clayton

As a break to UX based posts – here is some work from Robert Clayton (via i-D magazine) – photographs from 1991 of the Lion Farm estate. Nice article by Nathalie Olah  (on their site) to support these photographs. A book of this work Estate: Robert Clayton with essays from Jonathan Meades (surely worth the price alone for his writing!) and Laura Noble. untitled-article-1432827592 untitled-article-1432827592-body-image-1432830800 estate-post-industrial-ruin-at-the-end-of-thatchers-britain-body-image-1432904005

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Got a Girl

Not too sure exactly Got a Girl is other than quite a cool music collaboration of Mary Winstead and Dan Nakamura in a Serge Gainsbourg style (ish!) – check the link for more details – but anyone ‘connected’ with Scott Pilgrim and Edgar Wright deserves to gets a mention – some stylish photography to boot.



Got_A_Girl_1-518x776-1Seen via @M_E_Winstead a while back…

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William Klein

William Klein exhibition at the Michael Hoppen Gallery just off the Kings Road in London town… Don’t know too much about this photographer but he has a ‘mixture of reportage and fashion prints…’ – exhibition ends 6 September…

Seen via the Independent Magazine (5 May 2014).



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Johnnie Walker: Where Flavour is King – Love

A little bit of a Love in – (forgive the pun)… as a designer I think it is great that not only do they create wonderful work but also are happy to share the work that goes into the ‘behind the scenes’ of the shoots (film/photography) as well…

First up – Love’s creative for the Johnnie Walker campaign – ‘Where Flavour is King’. In their words ‘While other Scotch whiskies obsess about age-old age statements or tartan and toffee provenance stories, this global campaign positions Johnnie Walker as the undisputed king of flavour.’ More imagery and words on the link…


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Dave Hill

A mixture of stylised ‘big, epic digital composites’ (HDR possibly) and standard shots with ‘no lighting equipment’…really awesome mix of work – Dave Hill also has nice couple of extras on his site – a behind the scenes of some of his compositions and also a blog

Seen via Looks Like Good Design




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The Case of Mr Pelham (mx1)

My first foray into the world 8tracks and my first mix: The Case of Mr Pelham, first brought to my eyes by Wit & Delight..(+ a little nod to the excellent mixes that Kate at W&D has published, I have ‘borrowed’ a couple of her tracks!)

The listings: Friend Crush – Friends: The Hope – Scuba: Red Face – Lucy Rose: Well Wishers – Julio Bashmore: Everything to Me – Lips: Immunity – Xi: I’m Good, I’m Gone – Lykke Li: Robot Lover – John B.

Image credit: Noah Kalina from a site I stumbled across like you do of Anna Marie a make up artist, I think who is based in the States…?

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Shit London – Patrick Dalton

Featured in this Saturday’s Guardian weekend magazine 02.07.11 – capturing London in its most raw. The images that the Guardian selected are great (which I have not been able to find from his site) so I have selected a few myself.

“These are photographs of the unintentional human comedy that surround us in the city. It’s the flotsam and jetsam of city life , the overlooked minutiae , the tragic , the grotesque and the basest of base. It’s the adapted posters , the dirty joke on the back of a van , the mispelt signs , the glory hole in the public loo , that weird shop down the end of your road and the knob graffiti strategically placed for maximum effect.” Words and pics from Shit London/Patrick Dalton.

Visit Shit London
Also has a book of that is published by Portico on 7 July – you can get a copy here. (Launch night is on the same eve 6-9pm at The Mill Co Project, Vyner Street E2 9DJ.)

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