The year I discovered Sagmeister


Second Chance – Leo Burnett

Second Chance film aimed at employers and just asking that question of would you give an offender a second chance? Created by Leo Burnett UK for Business in the Community – a UK charity (I have to say never heard of..). From Leo Burnett’s own website – “the first ad ever to subvert the ‘Skip Ad’ function”.

Seen via D&AD In Book Nominations 2014 – Writing for Advertising.


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ExFEARiential – St John’s

St John’s ExFEARiential Marketing film – from what I can gather a self-promotion piece by this Toronto based agency. Taking Experiential Marketing to the next level. (They also have an interesting blog as well.) Future website to look through at their work and what they have to say in more detail.

A really simple well executed idea. Great copy, acting, direction – when these things are done right it looks so effortless.

Seen via the D&AD In Book Nominations (currently there is no additional information – in terms of brief or which agency has done the work, but a nice email from Dan at D&AD tells me it is part of the development plan for their site – watch this space!!).

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