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all in for #mygirls – adidas

adidas’ all in for campaign has been around for quite some time (2013) – spotted this on youtube a while back – and I think it absolutely nails a sense of ‘real’. I don’t want to compare this to the This Girl Can campaign (previous post) too much, yes there is similarity of subject (female + fitness), yes there is a similarity of colour grade, yes there is a similarity of filming technique, yes there is a similarity of using upbeat music, yes there is a similarity of profiling personal stories, yes there is a similarity of being positive and inspiring…you know just sayin’. I am sure Daisy Steiner would have a couple of words to say!


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This Girl Can – Sport England

This Girl Can – new campaign for Sport England – all in all a positive message – plenty written about it on their website and other (design) blogs (FastC0, IndyVoices) etc…

The creative itself looks good – although more of that on my next post-but more interesting to me is the level of production (check the behind the scene film below) and an extensive list of various agencies, directors and production teams…

Behind the scenes

Seen via the power of my television.

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Film 4 – ManvsMachine

From what I read on It’s Nice That – these are the new Film 4 idents created by ManvsMachine (this link has loads more words and design) and 4Creative. Also check out their (MvsM) Vimeo channel.

“ManvsMachine set out to create a film channel rather than a tv channel, covering all on-air aspects of the brand from idents to OSP and beyond. A custom motion technique, a contemporary take on a classic film strip / projector effect, was developed to span graphic and live-action elements to give the package a visual signature beyond the logo.”

Looks like a dream project – so much reference and source material to play with – seen together on the following shorts, it looks a really strong creative execution – can’t wait to see it live.

Seen via It’s Nice That. Words ManvsMachine.

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London Live

A promo film from London Live (they run a slightly edited version of this on their channel) is fab…

Looks simple (although the selection process could have taken a while), excellent music choice combined with existing footage, really nails what the London Live (read: the Wake Up London team – Gavin + Mark + Vanessa) team is about – friendly, London and summer…!

(edit: stumbled across the track used via 6 music – The Heat by Jungle…)


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Nike – W+K Amsterdam

Human Printing Press for Nike by Wieden and Kennedy Amsterdam. Elaborate, creative but compared to other W+K/Nike work – I am not too sure.

‘The idea behind the ad ‘The strategy behind the film is ambitious: a desire to inspire Turkish sports fans not just to watch their favourite sports on TV but actually get out and participate themselves. To do this, the agency turned to a number of Turkish sports stars, including footballers Burak Yilmaz and Enes Ünal, to use their skills to help create an unusual poster for fans.’

‘The machines in the film took around three weeks to create, and then the whole thing was shot over two days in a massive warehouse outside Istanbul.’

Seen via @stbridelibraryCreative Review’s Ad of the week have an interview with the creatives behind the campaign – words and imagery CR.


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Claude Friese-Greene

Colour footage of London in 1926 shot by Claude Friese-Greene.

Friese-Greene shot a travelogue called The Open Road which captured his 840 mile road trip around Britain. The BFI restored the footage (way back in 2006) – a short of the full film featured here. You can buy the full version from the BFI.

Seems  I am a little behind the curve with this – Kevin Spacey, Stephen Fry and the Guardian have all featured or mentioned this…thanks to Mary E Winstead on twitter for posting…

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Nokia – Seymourpowell

Seymourpowell work for Nokia – working with DesignStudio. Couple of films exploring ‘everyday adventure’ in San Francisco, Buenos Aires and LA – slightly fluffy films, but look fab and have a great feel to them – check the link to find out a little more. Also a little bonus finding that Seymourpowell have a blog.

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Umbro by Love

Umbro’s elite training range by Love Creative…nice behind the scenes film of the photoshoot (saw this some time ago…)

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Bodymetrics – behind the scenes

Friends of Ours: an agency that creates ‘digital experiences for contemporary brands’ – nice looking home page. The Bodymetrics site looks great – not 100% sure what it is though!

Anyhow the first post of a making of/behind the scenes for some reference.


Behind the scenes film of the photoshoot…

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Stop. Frame. Animation.

Two animation shorts. Freitag (seen via Swiss Miss) by Owl Studios and an Oslo Airport promo by We Are the Art Dept via @ Creative Bloq

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