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London Design Festival 2013 – Pentagram

Design is Everywhere was the theme for the LDF this year. Now all packed up for another year – the ident from Pentagram (Dominic Lippa) again is striking and bold. It is nice to see a campaign idea worked across the various applications in a thoughtful way.

Images from Pentagram.

LDF_Invites_01-620x413 LDF_Press-Invite_02-620x412 LDF_VA_09-620x412 BRfM06MCUAABHos.jpg-large


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Nike – W+K Amsterdam

Human Printing Press for Nike by Wieden and Kennedy Amsterdam. Elaborate, creative but compared to other W+K/Nike work – I am not too sure.

‘The idea behind the ad ‘The strategy behind the film is ambitious: a desire to inspire Turkish sports fans not just to watch their favourite sports on TV but actually get out and participate themselves. To do this, the agency turned to a number of Turkish sports stars, including footballers Burak Yilmaz and Enes Ünal, to use their skills to help create an unusual poster for fans.’

‘The machines in the film took around three weeks to create, and then the whole thing was shot over two days in a massive warehouse outside Istanbul.’

Seen via @stbridelibraryCreative Review’s Ad of the week have an interview with the creatives behind the campaign – words and imagery CR.


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As real as it gets

How to describe this…half the fun for me was to work out what this was when I got the link from a designer at work, cheers Cam. (Shamefully took probably a bit too long!)…check it out on Flickr…(print and poster work for

credits: agency : Bates141 Jakarta, creative director : Hendra Lesmono, art director : Andreas Junus & Irawandhani Kamarga, copywriter : Darrick Subrata, account executive : Nitya Priyahita, photgrapher : Anton Ismael

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Paperlux, Novum 11/11

Paperlux: Novum 11/11. Know very little about it other than the what is on the credits. All I know is that I want to get my hands on a copy…but it looks like it is only sold in Germany…hmmm….

Anyhow saw this via Graphic Exchange, just mindblowing skills in design, repro and commitment to a great product. The film of ‘the making of’ is lovely and upbeat. Enjoy.

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London Design Festival promo by Pentagram

From a London Design Festival (LDF) retweet promoting their show I have now found a really great blog from Melanie Kimmett. Double promo here – firstly of the great work by Pentagram  – Dominic Lippa, Jeremy Kunze, Lucy Groom – for the promotional materials and second for LDF retweeting Melanie, who’s site I now will need to pour over for hours!

The theme for this year is the phrase Design from all angles “echoing the desire of the organisers to expand the list of events and disciplines taking part…The team created the look by printing text on pieces of paper and then folding and photographing them from different angles. The differing angles enable the 2011 festival to have a flexible identity across the whole gamut of events whilst maintaining a consistent look and feel. Once more the identity leverages its ownership of red in order to create maximum impact.” Words and pics via Pentagram.

Reminds me of the (hand rendered!) work Alan Fletcher did for Pirelli back in 61 (below) – which is still stunning…

The show itself runs from 17-25 September 2011

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Carlton Brewery by Cornwell

 – seen some other work by these guys on 1983, checked out their site and really like the look of this work they did for Carlton Brewery. Words and pic from their site.

“The Carlton Brewery is one of Melbourne’s largest urban renewal projects. It features commercial, residential and retail environments. As Grocon’s brand and communication advisor, we set up the nomenclature and a brand identity system to support all phases of the project. Our New City Living campaign came out of the project’s Pixel building, the first totally carbon neutral building of its type in Australia.”

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JAQK by Hatch – 2

GrainEdit interview with Hatch founders (check –1) for full links and context.
Selected words from the interview. Selected images from GrainEdit + Graphic Exchange.

What sort of reference material did you dig up for JAQK ?
Where to start! We have been combing antique stores, finding some incredible vintage gaming ephemera, including hand-painted 17th Century playing cards, old dice games, books on gambling, domino sets, and other incredible treasures. They provide great inspiration and will make nice displays at the JAQK winery someday!

We purchased every book on card collecting, which became inspiration for Soldiers of Fortune. We researched antique derringer decoration, which inspired the Pearl Handle label. The “Her Majesty” queen is our own, but inspired of course, from countless decks of cards we looked at for reference, etc.

We finally landed on the collection of 8 that you see here based on making sure we cover a broad range of style – from more fun, graphic directions like 22 Black and Her Majesty to the more serious labels like Soldiers of Fortune and Black Clover. We also tried to cover different kinds of “play,” – whether craps, poker, cards, luck, etc. so that as we grow, we’re set up to grow in many different directions.

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JAQK by Hatch – 1

Two reasons to love Hatch are: the quality of work (stunning) and their really exciting + ‘distinctive’ business model. Saw this work for JAQK on Graphic Exchange an age ago but today there is an update and some links to interviews with Hatch founders Joel Templin + Katie Jain with Iso50GrainEdit.

Hatch hail from San Francisco (founded 2007) – (selected) words from an interview with Iso50 back in 2009. Images featured on Iso50 + Graphic Exchange.

“Our original intention, the philosophy of the design firm, was to do this 80/20 split; where 80% of our time is focused on client work, building brands for other people — which we’ve always done and always will do — but then use 20% of the time to give our design team creative freedom to explore ideas for new products that we can hatch on our own. Take all of our creative exploration and put it into a product that we release once a year. Here we are, two an a half years later and JAQK is just growing, which is great, but it will be our only hatchling for a while.”

Their process:
“Internally we meet with the client and develop a creative brief together. We always have that creative brief, either they supply it with their marketing dept, we collaborate on it, or we interview them and we make it. It’s a document that states all the goals for the project and puts everything on paper. It takes the subjectivity out of the design, gets everyone on the same page.

From there we pull reference material. We used to collect old things, old books, scan stuff in, photocopy stuff etc. We used to spend hours at the photocopier. Now, with the web and everything else, everyone has folders full of stuff, so we start there. People pull reference material based on the internal creative brief and where we think it’s going to go. Everyone gets the opportunity to talk about why they pulled what they did, and then collectively we try and figure out ways to put it in silos — like all this stuff feels like an avenue we could go, this type, this color, here’s a illustrative thing we could do etc. Within those, there are still a gazillion things you could design, but at least it’s a little more focused. Then they go to town and start designing and we’ll do the same thing; everything gets pinned up and we talk about it, edit it.”

Online interviews: Part 1 + Part 2

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French & German Film Festival 2010 – The International Office

In New Zealand, the Goethe-Institut, the Alliance Française, the German and the French Embassies have been active for many years fostering cultural cooperation and bringing films over here that otherwise would not have reached their Kiwi audience. Last year, the first German Film Festival in New Zealand commemorated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The French Embassy has for four years in a row organised a similar festival in different cities around the country. Typeface: Haas Grotesk. Stock: Media Satin

From The International Office. Words and pics from their site.

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German Film Festival 2011 by The International Office

“Madman, adventurer and obsessive, Werner Herzog, with his eye for interesting people is one of the most significant personalities of New German Cinema. Typeface: Helvetica Neue. Stock: 100gsm Media Coated”

More work from The International Office coming out of New Zealand (2nd post of the night) one more to come. Words and pics from their site.

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