The year I discovered Sagmeister


Staffan Wirén

Seen via Design Work Life. P-E Fronning Flickr stream.
Fantastic + cute illustrations by a guy called Staffan Wirén…from what I can gather he was a illustrator/designer back in the fifties…



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Rebekka Seale

Second post of the day, second of the year…

Having just sold a house that I lived in for 18 years, these touching illustrations would seem to me a lovely way to remember places you have lived in or do live in… Seen via Design*Sponge, the illustrations are by Rebekka Seale. They were a limited run, maybe Rebekka will do them again next xmas…anyhow for other illustrations you can buy, check out her Etsy shop.

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Yan Nascimbene

A new year, a new term…

In lieu of making slight changes to the selection of content, here are some lovely illustrations via the Behance network to start the year, winter style… Illustrator is Yan Nascimbene. They remind me in sense of quality, and feel of Hergé’s illustrations for Tintin.

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tom haugomat & bruno mangyoku

For those that have seen Drive…
‘The cinematography of Nicolas Winding Refn (DRIVE) encapsulated in this gritty graphic animation.’

Heard about via the DandAD twitter feed..

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Really tasty work, stuff you would actually want to own.

“Artist SIT has been part of the Amsterdam creative scene for many years. Doing action painting, graphic design, advertising and more until he got fed up. He went back to square one to find his true essence. Back to head and handcraft.”

Words and pics SIT. Seen via 1983.

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Debbie Smyth

Debbie Smyth is textile artist most identifiable by her statement thread drawings; these playful yet sophisticated contemporary artworks  are created by stretching a network of threads between accurately plotted pins. Her work beautifully blurs the boundaries between fine art drawings and textile art, flat and 3D work, illustration and embroidery, literally lifting the drawn line off the page in a series of “pin and thread” drawings.

Project featured is Fly Away Home: 8 metres wide by 3.5 metres high

Created for Stroud International Textile Festival and installed as part of the exhibition, “WordPlay” at the Museum in the Park, Stroud. Artists showcased tease the written word into tactile images, interpreting their observations with stitch and mark, challenging the viewer to seek fresh ways to see their world.”

Words and pics Debbie Smyth. Seen via What Makes Us

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VIB event by Soon

Possibly one of the best things I have seen for a while. Loads of photos on their Behance page, here are a selection…just amazing…

VIB is a life sciences research institute, based in Flanders, Belgium. They perform basic research with a strong focus on translating scientific results into pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial applications. For their fifteenth anniversary, we did the entire event branding, for which we used only chalk and a huge blackboard. For this event we also designed a box with nine books in it. For the books only we made more then 200 large chalk drawings.

Soon is a Belgian studio that creates visual identities in combination with photography. Most of our work is hand crafted and afterwards transformed into a digital image.”

Vimeo link for Soon

Words and pics by Soon via the Behance network

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Johanna Basford

Johanna Basford, scottish illustrator ‘and ink evangelist who prefers pens and pencils to pixels’. Rather lovely work on her site. Pics and words from her site.

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Animal note cards – Melanie Kimmett

Cards by Melanie Kimmett,  (a fab designer from Vancouver with a fab blog).
You can buy them via Etsy‘s shop.

“A happy maker of cute paperie things here in Vancouver, Canada. I’m heavily influenced by clean, modern design and illustration but take many inspired cues from the quirky urban world around me. Every one of my greeting cards are printed on 100% recycled, FSC-certified paper.”

Words from the Etsy site, pics from Melanie Kimmett.

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Samantha Hahn

Seen via the fab What Makes Us

Samantha Hahn, illustrator out of Brooklyn NYC. Too tired to write a full para but she also has a blog which has got some great work with new work, thoughts and links (kind of like a blog really!). Pics taken from What Makes Us and Samatha Hahn. Samatha’s blog

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