The year I discovered Sagmeister


Dave Dye

As much as the endless blogs with ‘stuff’ – read nice images of new designs (this site included) – are great to source and view – blogs that offer insight and knowledge into the design arena are really a cut above. Johnson Banks and Love are fantastic (off the top of my head) and now adding Dave Dye to that. Having never really got into the advertising scene I have to admit I have not heard of him before –  found via @davetrott feed – this is a fantastic blog of a great creative ideas and features concepts, ideas, executions that he has produced over his career…

Stuff from the loft – Dave Dye – ‘Assorted ephemera from solving problems, creating stuff & making things.’


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The School of Life

The School of Life – first up I absolutely love the look of their website. Really simple and calm but lovingly put together.

Essentially (in their words) a ‘cultural enterprise offering good ideas for everyday life’ which they do via talks, products, classes, books etc..etc.. More to follow when I have really had time to look through in more depth.

I mean who wouldn’t want a pencil sets with the words Bricolage or Anagnorisis? Pretentious, moi?!

(thanks to Roisin for the find)



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Home & Delicious

Gunnar Sverrisson and Halla Bára Gestsdóttir – husband and wife team from Iceland… nice blog site but also a lovely online magazine

In their words…

home & delicious – is a place for our thoughts, work and interests. The home and food, our environment and the nature; how we think about it and treat it means a lot to us. Our site is a place for people to seek inspiration and get useful ideas for their home and living. To create interesting and personal space around you where cooking food and eating is an integral part of the whole.

Issue one (cover below) – Issue twoIssue three


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Andrea Stinga + Federico Gonzalez

A-Z of architecture – great illustrations as well…

Concept and Animation: Andrea Stinga, Federico Gonzalez
Art Direction: Federico Gonzalez

Seen via What Makes Us


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what makes us – Pearlfisher

What Makes Us has moved home – from what I see of the new look, and new content I am looking forward to seeing this incarnation take off…Curated by Pearlfisher employees on both sides of the pond – (London and New York…)

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Emma’s DesignBlogg

Über stylish interior design blog from Stockholm. Curated by Emma.
+ a guide to Stockholm 2012 and also 2011

A whole load of Scandinavian goodness that needs to explored…

Images from of Volt: Stockholm’s first gastro bistro…


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Mike Dempsey

Mike Dempsey’s blog on graphics and living…

I remember seeing CDT’s work, even applied for a placement years ago… MD has written 6 parts on the history of CDT (Carroll, Dempsey & Thirkell. Point 11 of from his ‘pearls of wisdom’…Encourage everyone to soak up all of the other creative disciplines; graphic design is not the only thing on the block, there’s far more out there.

Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5 – Part 6

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Mélanie Kimmett

She’s back. And so am I.
Mel Kimmett’s new blog site and shop…can’t wait for it to get going…!!!

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Anamu aka Ana Maria

Finding new blogs to follow by accident somehow seems more special…anyhow my new blog to follow is by Anamu (aka Ana Maria) a ‘LA native living in London’…(stumbled across her posts for Poppytalk the other day…) what swung it for me was a pretty awesome mixtape (when I say awesome, I mean totally blown away) that she has put together for March. Check that out on 8track..!

So much to check out on her site so will be definitely spending a whole bunch of time perusing this over what is left of Easter…

In her words: ‘I’m a flea market fanatic with a knack for diy, music, pretty things and being a tourist wherever I am.’

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Mia Nolting

Something wonderful. Mia Nolting just amazing…illustrator and professional dream maker!! She also has a Flickr photostream – many small guessesblog

Seen via Wit & Delight (thanks!)

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