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Debbie Smyth

Debbie Smyth is textile artist most identifiable by her statement thread drawings; these playful yet sophisticated contemporary artworks  are created by stretching a network of threads between accurately plotted pins. Her work beautifully blurs the boundaries between fine art drawings and textile art, flat and 3D work, illustration and embroidery, literally lifting the drawn line off the page in a series of “pin and thread” drawings.

Project featured is Fly Away Home: 8 metres wide by 3.5 metres high

Created for Stroud International Textile Festival and installed as part of the exhibition, “WordPlay” at the Museum in the Park, Stroud. Artists showcased tease the written word into tactile images, interpreting their observations with stitch and mark, challenging the viewer to seek fresh ways to see their world.”

Words and pics Debbie Smyth. Seen via What Makes Us


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