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Vincent Mahé

New book charting 750 years of Parisian history. Created by Vincent Mahé (his Behance profile has a host of other projects). Full story on Fast Co site. Yours to buy from Nobrow Press.

Seen via @FastCoDesign

vincent-mahe-750-years-cover vincent-mahe-750-years-2 vincent-mahe-750-years-1


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Siri Melchior

Some fantastic illustrations and animations that appear throughout and define the look of the CBBC children’s show Show Me, Show Me. The show itself is fabulous and the illustrative style is brilliantly light, emotive and engaging.

Having done a little research – the illustrations/animations (for Show Me, Show Me) were created when Siri was at Trunk (animation company) which she co-founded. Now at her new venture since 2013 (which she co-founded with Marie Bro) working at (the award winning) Ladybird Films.

Credits: Trunk: Director Siri Melchior; Animators Rebecca Manley and Chris Wright

And from Ladybird films: Rita and Crocodile

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Ordnance Survey

Although these are a little low quality – Ordnance Survey maps always beautiful. Have to admit I know absolutely nothing about the process of how these are created…hmmm..

CRX6dLNUYAEHzdr.png-large CQPvyopXAAA-hrH.jpg-large

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Josiah Brooks

Josiah Brooks who runs and creates an online drawing channel on YouTube by the name of Drawing with Jazza is perhaps the best online resource I have come across to help getting would be illustrators / graphic novelists on their way to start and develop their skills. (Also possible to download the tutorial files).

Myself, a little inspired by the first issue of Bakuman (manga series created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata) to look at this avenue once again…!

Also worth checking out Pose Manics which has a massive library of anatomy images – also has a 30 second drawing tool to get you started with sketching / gesture drawing…

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Conor Harrington

Stumbled across this ‘little’ surprise created by Conor Harrrington (his twitter feed is more up-to-date) the other week – a giant mural that formed part of the Dulwich festival – unsure how long these are up for – but a fantastic find and an awesome, impressive piece of street art.

Hooked blog on the web has a more indepth feature – film created by Spraying Bricks


This epic struggle is played out across the world! More of the Fight Club in San Juan – Puerto Rico. Love the idea of these characters existing with a story to tell…via Street Art News


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Windows of New York – José Guizar

Windows of New York – a really simple idea done well. Essentially windows of New York illustrated by José Guizar.

Seen via Eight Hour Day. Note to self must check their site out more!

73_ChrystieSt 159_EssexSt 112_MadisonSt

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Handsome Frank

Handsome Frank is an illustrator agency – (which I stumbled across via The Guardian’s Spotter’s Guide to Buildings via Emma Kelly!).

A wide selection of illustrators – to be expected but they also have a nice blog of work that has been commissioned by the likes of Esquire, Wallpaper etc..etc…

Work featured is by Emma Kelly, David Sparshott and Thibaud Herem.




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Sara Strand

Absolutely love these illustrations – saw this an age ago on Graphic Birdwatching

A personal project to create some fab illustrations for pet food by Sara Strand – a designer and illustrator working in Stockholm, Sweden…  also added to this post are a couple of cute illustrations that she has done as well – there are so many more I could upload…!





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Andrea Stinga + Federico Gonzalez

A-Z of architecture – great illustrations as well…

Concept and Animation: Andrea Stinga, Federico Gonzalez
Art Direction: Federico Gonzalez

Seen via What Makes Us


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JHS pedals

Some rather cute designs for some ‘high quality delay effects units‘ – with also rather exiting(!?) names for some effects pedals…
(left to right – Pollinator, Bun Runner and Pulp ‘n’ Peel)

See via Fat Sound


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