The year I discovered Sagmeister


Handsome Frank

Handsome Frank is an illustrator agency – (which I stumbled across via The Guardian’s Spotter’s Guide to Buildings via Emma Kelly!).

A wide selection of illustrators – to be expected but they also have a nice blog of work that has been commissioned by the likes of Esquire, Wallpaper etc..etc…

Work featured is by Emma Kelly, David Sparshott and Thibaud Herem.





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Sara Strand

Absolutely love these illustrations – saw this an age ago on Graphic Birdwatching

A personal project to create some fab illustrations for pet food by Sara Strand – a designer and illustrator working in Stockholm, Sweden…  also added to this post are a couple of cute illustrations that she has done as well – there are so many more I could upload…!





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Andrea Stinga + Federico Gonzalez

A-Z of architecture – great illustrations as well…

Concept and Animation: Andrea Stinga, Federico Gonzalez
Art Direction: Federico Gonzalez

Seen via What Makes Us


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JHS pedals

Some rather cute designs for some ‘high quality delay effects units‘ – with also rather exiting(!?) names for some effects pedals…
(left to right – Pollinator, Bun Runner and Pulp ‘n’ Peel)

See via Fat Sound


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Always with Honor

I have come across some of Always with Honor’s (AWH) work within the pages of Monocle and Information is Beautiful, it is through Graphic Birdwatching that I have put a name to the work. AWH are Tyler Lang and Elsa Chaves…a blog and shop as well…

Really cute, bold style…pics from their site…

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Eva-Lotta Lamm

Nice, simple – wish I could capture the prescient details of talks in a quirky, succinct way!! Seen via Swiss Miss, drawn by Eva-Lotta Lamm – loads more on Flickr

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Wendy MacNaughton

Seen via Swiss Miss…some tasty illustrations done for the 99% Conference 2012

Created by Wendy MacNaughton…so many illustrations and photos…

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Jarek Puczel

Seen via 1983

Pretty lush illustrations + paintings coming out of Poland by Jarek Puczel..

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Magma: The Woods print

Added to my wish list…

Magma have teamed up with Redstone Press to produce three new prints – The Sunset, The Snowman & Bear Cub – and one re-print – The Woods – for winter 2011.’

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Mia Nolting

Something wonderful. Mia Nolting just amazing…illustrator and professional dream maker!! She also has a Flickr photostream – many small guessesblog

Seen via Wit & Delight (thanks!)

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