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Shit London – Patrick Dalton

Featured in this Saturday’s Guardian weekend magazine 02.07.11 – capturing London in its most raw. The images that the Guardian selected are great (which I have not been able to find from his site) so I have selected a few myself.

“These are photographs of the unintentional human comedy that surround us in the city. It’s the flotsam and jetsam of city life , the overlooked minutiae , the tragic , the grotesque and the basest of base. It’s the adapted posters , the dirty joke on the back of a van , the mispelt signs , the glory hole in the public loo , that weird shop down the end of your road and the knob graffiti strategically placed for maximum effect.” Words and pics from Shit London/Patrick Dalton.

Visit Shit London
Also has a book of that is published by Portico on 7 July – you can get a copy here. (Launch night is on the same eve 6-9pm at The Mill Co Project, Vyner Street E2 9DJ.)


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