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Modernist typography – Vince Frost

Carlo Giannasca’s (partner of  Vince Frost) epic 94 slide presentation on ‘Modernist typography and the swiss grid‘. Nothing more to day than click away…

(Original post had this as Vince Frost’s- I stand corrected…)

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London Design Festival 2013 – Pentagram

Design is Everywhere was the theme for the LDF this year. Now all packed up for another year – the ident from Pentagram (Dominic Lippa) again is striking and bold. It is nice to see a campaign idea worked across the various applications in a thoughtful way.

Images from Pentagram.

LDF_Invites_01-620x413 LDF_Press-Invite_02-620x412 LDF_VA_09-620x412 BRfM06MCUAABHos.jpg-large

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Organic Milk by Zone

Great ad I have seen at my train station – for Organic Milk created by Zone.

‘Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative (OMSCo) has announced (back in October 2012) the launch of a £1m creative campaign, created by Zone, to raise awareness of the benefits of organic milk and organic dairy farming.’ Quote taken from The Drum.


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Converse’s latest ad campaign – SHOES ARE BORING WEAR SNEAKERS – is pretty special. Love the photography and overall feel of this work. Quite hard to find much information about the designers or photographer – possibly put together by Amplify?




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Andrea Stinga + Federico Gonzalez

A-Z of architecture – great illustrations as well…

Concept and Animation: Andrea Stinga, Federico Gonzalez
Art Direction: Federico Gonzalez

Seen via What Makes Us


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what makes us – Pearlfisher

What Makes Us has moved home – from what I see of the new look, and new content I am looking forward to seeing this incarnation take off…Curated by Pearlfisher employees on both sides of the pond – (London and New York…)

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Alex Fowkes

Work by Alex Fowkes for Sony – Sony Music Timeline.

Covering 150sqm – made from CNC cut vinyl…seen via Mr Cup (aka Fabien Barral)

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Sanborn Maps

Seen via Mr Cup (aka Fabien Barral).

Other links with more information – Vintage Me Oh My and Christian Annyas



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St Davids vs Cancer Research UK

St Davids by Johnson Banks…

Cancer Research UK by Interbrand…


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Mike Dempsey

Mike Dempsey’s blog on graphics and living…

I remember seeing CDT’s work, even applied for a placement years ago… MD has written 6 parts on the history of CDT (Carroll, Dempsey & Thirkell. Point 11 of from his ‘pearls of wisdom’…Encourage everyone to soak up all of the other creative disciplines; graphic design is not the only thing on the block, there’s far more out there.

Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5 – Part 6

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