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Ministry of Stories – We Made This

Fantastic story behind the fantastic project behind the fantastic concept.

“The Ministry of Stories was founded by Nick Hornby and co-directors Lucy Macnab and Ben Payne. Hidden away at the back of The Monster Shop (where else would you expect it?), the Ministry of Stories provides a free space for fresh writing by young people. Here in Hoxton we provide workshops and one-to-one mentoring. The services are provided by volunteers: local writers, artists and teachers, all giving their time and talent for free.

The MoS is inspired by young people, and aims to inspire them to transform their lives through writing. We work closely with schools, supporting the work of teachers, but our great benefit is that we provide one-to-one mentoring for young people to enjoy imaginative stories, improve language skills, increase abilities in communication, add to social and educational confidence.”

(above words taken from) Ministry of Stories site.
Designed by We Made This (with more pics and explanation) here.

First seen via Graphic Exchange (although not there anymore) + What Makes Us

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Eight Hour Day + Studio on Fire 

Two of my favourite studios coming together here.
Designed by EHD and printed by SOF – Words EHD.

“We created this identity with the understanding that we would be traveling for a year…Instead of a standard letterhead, we opted for a postcard and notecard. We felt this was more mobile and highlighted the idea that we were on the road. We also use a stamp to pinpoint our location on a map on the mailing label…Our new blog was a large part of this trip…we wanted to have something to give people we met along the way, or those people or places we wanted to feature that wasn’t as stuffy as a business card. Our solution was the blog pog – a bit quirkier leave behind that let people know we were going to blog about them (EHD Likes You) or simply directed people to the blog to find out more (EHD Was Here).”

Eight Hour Day + Studio on Fire both awesome + both in Minneapolis…!

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The Lollipop Shoppe – Hamish Makgill

I like the idea of an “identity that didn’t have to only exist in two dimensions” –

“The Lollipop Shoppe is a modern furniture and accessories retailer… We created a bespoke stencil typeface (part inspired by the 20th century modular stencils created by Josef Albers and Le Corbusier, but with a contemporary elegance). This allows the identity to be physical – it can be cut, it can be built, it can be stamped.”
Words and link Branding Served found via the Behance twitter feed


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