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London Live

A promo film from London Live (they run a slightly edited version of this on their channel) is fab…

Looks simple (although the selection process could have taken a while), excellent music choice combined with existing footage, really nails what the London Live team is about – friendly, London and summer…!

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Computer Arts – New Talent issue

Latest Computer Arts ‘New Talent’ issue ‘ – all about those zesty lemons. Aside from the ‘idea’ I quite like the bright, punchy design. Designed by Paddy O’Hara and printed by Celloglas. Great film by Celloglas of how they made this cover.

For further details check out Creative Bloq’s page (can’t quite work out the relationship between Creative Bloq and Computer Arts, anyhow…)


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Orbital back in 1997 at the Phoenix Festival – certainly in my all time top 5 live gigs…

Orbital (Live from the Phoenix Festival) Essential Mix 20/07/1997 by Bbcessentialmix on Mixcloud

(Such a shame WordPress does not allow decent customisation of Mixcloud links).

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William Klein

William Klein exhibition at the Michael Hoppen Gallery just off the Kings Road in London town… Don’t know too much about this photographer but he has a ‘mixture of reportage and fashion prints…’ – exhibition ends 6 September…

Seen via the Independent Magazine (5 May 2014).



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Litmus – responsive email

Litmus (State side company) have a wealth of resource, blog posts on best practice for creating emails (responsive or otherwise). Their post on responsive design (that comes with a handy infographic) was posted back in Sept 2013 – is worth checking out. As I go further into their site – there are more and more resources.

Have a look at their ‘Ultimate Guide to Email Image Blocking‘ – best practice regarding alt text and use of images. Resource page for email templates. Also and possibly the most useful are downloadable responsive email templates that have been created and tested already – a range to choose from – first on their list… created by Stamplia – and Litmus tested – templates with psd source files.

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Printout – Designing difference

First time that I have made it to a Printout event. What a great hour / hour and an half – organised and hosted by Jeremy Leslie (MagCulture) and Steve Watson (Stack). 3 interesting magazines given a showcase by their designers – (Winter / A magazine for all seasons, Talc and mono-cultur). Printout events (I think) focus just on magazines but any designer or non-designer, in any field, (basically everyone) for that matter should check these events out. Just £6.

My preference in terms of subject and design would be Winter (designed/created by Ana Lessing and Kevin Braddock) and mono-cultur (designed/created by Kai van Rabenau). Certainly will be making a trip to Magma (if they stock them) to get myself a copy.

Some poor questions from the audience (either too long winded/self-important or just plain drunk!) – ended the night – questions that I have thought of since – how far from the initial designs, layout is the finished product?, who is the audience for these magazines and who buys them?, why do the contributors give up their time for small independent magazines – do they get something from this? and lastly how long did it take to put together – (last question from Chung).

For a far more detailed commentary on the night, check out Steve Watson’s site.

(Can’t quite work out at 3 in the morning if Steve Watson’s – Stack is the same as Monocle’s – The Stack..?)

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Second Chance – Leo Burnett

Second Chance film aimed at employers and just asking that question of would you give an offender a second chance? Created by Leo Burnett UK for Business in the Community – a UK charity (I have to say never heard of..). From Leo Burnett’s own website – “the first ad ever to subvert the ‘Skip Ad’ function”.

Seen via D&AD In Book Nominations 2014 – Writing for Advertising.

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ExFEARiential – St John’s

St John’s ExFEARiential Marketing film – from what I can gather a self-promotion piece by this Toronto based agency. Taking Experiential Marketing to the next level. (They also have an interesting blog as well.) Future website to look through at their work and what they have to say in more detail.

A really simple well executed idea. Great copy, acting, direction – when these things are done right it looks so effortless.

Seen via the D&AD In Book Nominations (currently there is no additional information – in terms of brief or which agency has done the work, but a nice email from Dan at D&AD tells me it is part of the development plan for their site – watch this space!!).

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Run That Town – Millipede

Run That Town – developed by Millipede. If you love stats, love playing apps then this is the game for you. All in all a nice creative way of making the census data more accessible. Nice touch is the change of voice from the youtube to the submitted awards – less Australian! Will it sway those judges?

Run That Town lets you take control of any Australian neighbourhood and challenges you to make planning decisions based on real Census data to boost your popularity, grow your town and keep the locals happy.

Designed to help Australians understand how Census data is used – how it can affect them and the area they live in – the game is the first of its kind to be released by a national statistical agency using real Census data.’

Words: Millipede. Seen via DandAD 2014 In Book nominations.


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