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Product Triangle: Business, User, Technology

Interesting articles describing product builders/product managers. Seen via an ad by YunoJuno.

The Product Triangle – two posts (adapted version – more practical – on Medium by Daniel Demetri and the original / more in depth – piece by Dan Schmidt on Product Logic). Main crux that looks at the skills dependent on where they sit on the product triangle – Business, User, Technology. Dan Schmidt – looks at the types: Vertex: excel in one area but know very little of the other two, Edge: those that connect two corners, Full triangle: acquire and hold knowledge of product’s technology, user base and business.

The upshot is (I think) that good product managers somewhat amorphously bridge the gaps that exist between other functional areas working toward a product’s success.’ and are ‘accountable for the healthy functioning of The Product Triangle which often entails going deep inside the details of each vertex or edge’.

Depending on background in becoming a product manager – having ‘biases and imbalances that yield greater strength in some areas, and less capability in others’ – for example:

  • User-First Product Manager – design background
  • Business-First Product Manager – MBA / general management
  • Technology-First Product Manager – tech background/engineering/computer science



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