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Just Eat

Big fan of Just Eat’s presence on Linkedin. Really like the type of posts that they write and curate – interesting part is without actually leaving Linkedin you can get a sense of what their culture is from the intro lines for each post.

But a more interesting element are their values. What I like about them is the fact they are made up of two words that don’t necessarily make loads of sense out of context – but they have ended up with 3 values that are really ‘ownable’ as an element. (This approach must exist in creating brands but I can’t think of any others that do this).

Here they are in full:

Make happy

We live for the joy side of life. The right food for every moment. We cherish the love our restaurant partners put into their cooking. We’re all about the enjoyment our customers get from their meal. It’s the smiles that make it worthwhile. What drives us is building more excitement, quality, fun and laughs into everyday food occasions, because food makes people happy.

Razor sharp

Everything can be made better. With clear direction, a relentless attitude, and non-stop innovation, we impact the things that matter most – more choice, better variety, fresh experiences, and new connections. We focus on getting things done, at pace, and with a laser-like focus. All so that people and restaurants discover more of each other, and the bar is constantly raised for everyone.

Big hearted

Just Eat is built on relationships, with people. The many, the few, the you: every individual matters, and we use every opportunity to make things personal and fair for everyone. We listen to understand, not just to reply. Respect comes as standard – for our customers, our partners and each other – and that’s how we build positivity into all our relationships and create new ones.

This is a company that is going from strength to strength and a vision to create the world’s greatest food community they are one awesome brand as brands go.


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