The year I discovered Sagmeister


Dan Kitchener

Took this photo on my travels when walking through the badlands of Bedminister (Bristol) on a Sunday morning a few months back… proper street-artistry from Dan Kitchener…there is something to be said for street-art – it can surprise and blow you away whilst you are doing something mundane like going to the shops…



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Conor Harrington

Stumbled across this ‘little’ surprise created by Conor Harrrington (his twitter feed is more up-to-date) the other week – a giant mural that formed part of the Dulwich festival – unsure how long these are up for – but a fantastic find and an awesome, impressive piece of street art.

Hooked blog on the web has a more indepth feature – film created by Spraying Bricks


This epic struggle is played out across the world! More of the Fight Club in San Juan – Puerto Rico. Love the idea of these characters existing with a story to tell…via Street Art News


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