The year I discovered Sagmeister


Truth Branding by Socio

Branding lexicon in the next para – something I absolutely hate – but maybe this is the best way to communicate this stuff???

“Truth is a strategic insight consultancy offering global marketing solutions. They approached Socio to evolve their current branding and to create a fresh and coherent visual template for the brand. The identity needed to offer much more to accurately portray the dynamism and ground breaking approach of the company. The starting challenge was to use the existing logo and company colours but develop all other brand elements. The result was a new cohesive brand direction that was rolled out across internal and external marketing communications, acting as a visual voice for company. Clear guidelines were designed and printed to act as a staff handbook aiding a smooth transition to the new branding, including colour breakdowns, associated fonts as well as photographic style and illustration.”

Words and images taken from here (Behance).
Agency site Socio here.


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