The year I discovered Sagmeister


Dave Trott

Dave Trott (talks to Al Young)…new talk from the Typographic Circle.

Not too sure how I have not come across him or his work – but looking at the brief bio… ‘The legendary creative Dave Trott; the man responsible for some of the most memorable ads of the last 30 years is back by popular demand.’

Thursday 30 Jan – 7pm

Worth checking out his rather nicely worded blog posts that appear on the Campaign magazine website.



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FHK Henrion

FHK Henrion – talk (held by/at the St Bride Foundation) 15 Jan 2014.

Words from St Bride: 2014 is the centenary of the birth of FHK Henrion, the most important British graphic designer of the twentieth century. Born in Germany, Henrion lived and worked in Britain from the 1930s until his death in 1990. During that time he worked as a celebrated poster artist, and later as one of the global pioneers of corporate identity. He was a product designer, educator and design evangelist, and no one did more to professionalise British graphic design at a time when it was still a cottage industry. Many of Henrion’s groundbreaking logos and identities remain in use today, amongst them Tate & Lyle, Blue Circle Cement and KLM.

Also a new Unit Editions book on FHK Henrion.


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Brooklyn Beta

Swiss Miss is such an ace site, such varied content. Film of a Brooklyn Beta conference event, just love the way it is put together, great direction, great editing, great music, really captures a sense of something you really wish you were at! Credits Brooklyn Beta and Captain and the Fox.

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Creative Mornings – Michael Bierut

Been a follower of SwissMiss for a while although never have sat through a complete viewing of an episode of her Creative Mornings talks that she organises. This talk by Michael Bierut (Pentagram) is fantastic, just very straight-forward, nothing pretentious, and honest. (Extra things I have from this talk is that Sagmeister is pronounced with a hard G rather than ‘Sage-meister as I first thought’!).

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Graphic Design on the Radio – Adrian Shaughnessy

Graphic Design on The Radio is a radio show about graphic design. It features interviews with leading designers who talk about their work and play music that has inspired and influenced them.” Latest podcast with Nat Hunter (Airside) and John O’Reilly (Varoom)

Via Adrian Shaughnessy’s tweet.

Note to self: Pre-Order TD 63-73.

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