The year I discovered Sagmeister


We Are What We Do

Designed by We Are What We Do – really bright, interesting, upbeat stationary. Diaries £5 and pencils £6.

“Our Action Pencils are part of our Action Stationery range – a collection of notebooks, diaries, bookmarks and pencils that all feature “Actions”, ideas of small good things to do. The 6 pencil set features a range of relavent Actions including Write to someone who inspired you, Use both sides of every sheet of paper and Don’t worry if you make a mistake (which is the only pencil in the set to have an eraser on the end). The entire stationery range is printed with soya-based inks on FSC paper, is shipped (not flown) from our responsible printers in Singapore and all profits go the We Are What We Do, funding school and community education projects.” Buy them from their shop.

First seen via the amazing Mélanie Kimmett blog
Words and pics Lovely Stationary’s blog


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